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    TELT-010 Mobile
    Hydraulics TELT-011
    Hidráulica Móvil TELT-020
    Mobile Electric TELT-021
    Electricidad para sistemas móviles
    TELT-030 Mechanical
    TELT-040 Pneumatics
    TELT-050 Diesel Engines
    TELT-060 AC/DC Motors and Drives
    TELT-070 PLC Fundamentals




E-Learning Courses

Our courseware is proven by the industry. It is updated and reviewed regularly by content subject matter experts so you can rely on its accuracy and relevance.

Our training features 3D simulations, course narrations, a virtual guide, testing, and quizzes to promote learning retention and use on the job.

Our training concept is simple: Your employees take courses that are self-paced, guided, modular, and the right length to provide them with exactly the training they need.