Terex Technical Crane Training Mission


To offer our students, the most complete crane training in our industry.


To provide consistent, structured, and accurate “World Class” training to our Distributors, Customers and Team members.


To ensure globally, progressive learning and understanding of Terex Cranes to properly and safely operate, maintain and troubleshoot our customers’ investment.


Terex Technical Crane Training Staff


Can provide results to your operators, technicians and all other service personnel.


The Technical Crane Training Group offers the best training in the industry. With over 100 years of crane experience in instructing, manufacturing and crane service, our instructors are well diverse in their crane knowledge.


From operation, troubleshooting and set-up, our instructors can provide you with the complete knowledge for your safety and satisfaction.


Terex Technical Crane E-Learning


Delivers a broad range of online training courses designed to help you build a more competent, qualified, and efficient workforce.


Imagine a training program that delivers powerful training right to your computer - the right content in the right context, comprehensive assessments, and the latest tools to measure performance.


Our interface gives you more ways than ever to meet your industrial crane training needs.