Factory Courses

The Terex Technnical Crane Training programs are open to both Distributors and Customer technicians . Your technician will learn a wide range of technologies though our courses that we have designed to build on their previous levels of knowledge to help them understand the products they represent.
The students will receive an entry test, student guide manual and/or a interactive CD, schematics, daily and nightly tasks and a course post test. These will help to improve your technicians understanding and confidence to keep downtime of a machine to a minimum. These courses are also available at your location.
Please download the latest copy of our Course Catalog with full descriptions of our course offerings. Please click on “Course Catalog” to the left for download.


Onsite Training

We offer the most comprehensive and complete training at your location because the training content is customized to your immediate needs.
Our instructors and developers will bring a different type of training to your students. Allowing them to understand our products at a much easier and faster pace because the content will be based on your machines.


Onsite Technical/Maintenance

Theses courses will include proper set-up and safety. Understanding all circuits and systems, LMI circuits, troubleshooting, and general maintenance.


Onsite Operator Familiarization

These courses will include proper set-up and safety, capacity charts, ground bearing charts, proper LMI operation and set-up, daily maintenance, and all other special features that an operator must know.


Onsite Operator Qualification

If your looking for satisfaction that your Operators’ completely understand the Terex Crane they are operating, this is the course that is needed. This course will test your operators’ skill set with both written and practical exams.




For questions or more information on courses, please contact
Mr. Robert Ourt at P: 910-279-3940, E: 
Mr. Kerby Jean-louis at P: 910-685-6618, E: 
Mr. Kirk Willis at P: 405-491-2024, E: